Mexican Chocolate Pie

By floursinyourhair on August 7, 2016

Time to cook 1 hour 30 minutes, makes 8 servings

Blackberry Ricotta Pound Cake

In Brunch, Dessert, Sweet by floursinyourhair on July 26, 2016

Time to cook 1 hour 15 minutes, makes 10 servings

Sweet Potato Crust Pizza with Mushrooms & Kale

By floursinyourhair on July 17, 2016

Time to cook 1 hour 15 minutes, makes 6 servings

Strawberry Syrup

By floursinyourhair on July 9, 2016

Time to cook 15 minutes, makes 4 servings

Homemade Whipped Cream

In Add Ons by floursinyourhair on July 9, 2016

Time to cook 10 minutes, makes 5 servings

Mama’s Granola

By floursinyourhair on July 7, 2016

Time to cook 30 minutes, makes 10


Looking for something to feed your out of town visitors this weekend for breakfast? I have the perfect thing! This Dutch Baby with Whipped Ricotta recipe is simple, quick, and gorgeous. You can add any toppings you'd like - lemon zest, chocolate chips, chopped nuts, etc. I love strawberries with mine! Recipe link in bio #messycookingOkay just one more pie picture to round out the day šŸ˜‰. Happy thanksgiving, friends. I hope you're sitting on the couch with a second round of dinner! #messycookingHappy Thanksgiving from my home to yours! As some of you know, I have previously worked with housing services organization @miriamskitchen to provide homemade baked goods for newly-housed individuals in the DC area. By having homemade cookies waiting when people arrive to their new homes, we hope to create a welcoming environment and ease the transition into new housing. You can support us by donating any amount to the Home for the Homeless (H4H) campaign, which is focused on easing the transition from the streets into the home for Washington DC's newly-housed (formerly homeless) men and women. We are raising money to create more comfortable and livable homes for Washington DCā€™s homeless men and women who have received a housing voucher and are ready to be moved-in.  We are motivated by the belief that creating better living spaces will make it more likely for individuals to stay in that home. Click the link in my bio to visit the donation page - anything you're able to give would be wonderful! As a point of reference, $350 covers an entire move in. Please message me with any questions, and happy thanksgiving! #messycookingWhen you can't decide which pie you want so you just have them all šŸ˜‚. Tell me your favorite flavor (mines pecan)! #messycookingI'm finally done with all the thanksgiving cooking! Now we're just waiting to be hungry again to eat all this pie šŸ˜‚. Tell me about your thanksgiving! #messycookingI might be biased, but I'm pretty sure these are the prettiest little challahs around. Pro tip: two layers of egg wash (once before the final rise, and once midway through baking) is the way to go - it'll give you that super shiny, bronze color! #messycookingMy love for pecan pie is vast and unknowable šŸ˜‚. Baking one (or two, or three) for Thanksgiving? Be sure to add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar! It helps to cut the sweetness and results in a deeper flavor. Also, adding a tablespoon of bourbon never hurts #messycookingResident pie crust obsessed lady checking in šŸ‘‘! Are you getting a move on and making thanksgiving pies today? Not sure if you should use all butter? Wondering if you really have to parbake the crust? Ask me your pie related questions (or just tell me what you're making!) #messycooking

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