Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

In Breakfast, Brunch, Sweet by floursinyourhair on June 10, 2017

Time to cook 35 minutes, makes 12 servings

Blood Orange Scones

In Breakfast, Brunch, Sweet by floursinyourhair on March 17, 2017

Time to cook 45 minutes, makes 8 servings

Coconut & Walnut Muffins

In Breakfast, Brunch, Sweet by floursinyourhair on March 8, 2017

Time to cook 40 minutes, makes 12 servings

Jam + Pastry Cream Filled Donuts

In Breakfast, Brunch by floursinyourhair on February 11, 2017

Time to cook 1 hour 30 minutes, makes 15 servings

Oatmeal Banana Bread

By floursinyourhair on September 18, 2016

Time to cook 1 hour, makes 10 servings

Blackberry Ricotta Pound Cake

In Brunch, Dessert, Sweet by floursinyourhair on July 26, 2016

Time to cook 1 hour 15 minutes, makes 10 servings


Is there anything better than a giant stack of cookies + the first day of the weekend? Especially these Brown Butter Coconut ones that are the ideal balance of crispy and chewy 💕#messycookingYou (yes, I mean you) can totally make your own pasta at home with ingredients you already have. All you need is two cups flour + two whole eggs + four egg yolks + 1 teaspoon salt. Make a well in the center of the flour, pour in the beaten eggs and salt. Using a circular motion, draw flour into the egg mixture. Knead for ten minutes, then leave it out on the counter wrapped in plastic wrap for half an hour. Roll out with a pasta maker (or if you're scrappy, with a rolling pin). Cut the sheets into strips with a pasta maker (or if you're scrappy, with a really sharp knife). Impress both your friends and yourself. #messycookingSpent the longest day of the year eating homemade pasta in the backyard. Find someone that looks at you the way I look at Cacio e Pepe #messycookingWho else thinks hot days and curry are the perfect pair? 🙋 #messycookingIt's a dreary day here in DC but that shouldn't stop you from making your own (very simple and quick) sunshine! Link to Nectarine, Strawberry, & Feta Salad recipe in bio #messycookingI can't get over how photogenic these Brussels sprouts in my garden are. But I wasn't anticipating how much they spread - they're threatening to take over! Can't wait to roast them with some balsamic vinegar in a few weeks #messycookingI'm so excited to start using these tiny cherry tomatoes in my cooking soon! Backyard garden may be the best part of summer (other than eating ice cream literally every day) #messycookingSo in love with these edible flowers from @littlewildthingsfarm 😍💕. Also: if anyone has any tips or tricks of the trade for transporting fancy cakes in Ubers, please hit me up 😂. #messycooking

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