French Toast 1 We add this whipped cream to everything: cakes, pies, fruit, french toast - you name it. It's incredibly simple, but extremely satisfying. The How To:
  1. Pour whipping cream into a small bowl - add sugar and vanilla.
  2. Grate lemon zest over mixture.
  3. Whisk vigorously until peaks form (don't give up!)
  4. Serve immediately to ensure the best texture
A Few Notes:
  • YourΒ whipped cream will come together at different speeds depending on which brand of heavy cream you use - be patient, and be sure not to over whisk (unless you'd like to make butter, but that's for another day)
  • Feel free to adjust the amount of sugar to your taste
  • You can use a hand or stand mixer to make this if you'd like, but we find doing it by hand to be pretty satisfying!
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